Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing involves paying affiliates (website publishers) a commission or other payment, when someone they send to your website from their website, buys a product or service from you, or asks for more information
  • It is a fast growing internet marketing activity because it can drive site visits, sales and leads, with little risk
  • Really Useful Websites can advise on whether affiliate marketing is right for your business, and also advise on the implementation options   

Affiliate Marketing is a raplidly growing internet marketing activity, whereby a merchant (a company with products and services to sell) offers commercial terms to affiliates (a website owner) for the affiliate to promote the merchant’s website.

If a visitor finds a merchant’s website from an affiliate’s website and goes on to purchase a product or service, or do something else the merchant wishes (like request information), the merchant makes a payment to the affiliate, usually a fixed fee or commission.

Whether affiliate marketing is right for your business depends on your business, what it sells, where it sells it and how it sells it.

Really Useful Websites can advise on how affiliate marketing works, whether it is right for your business, and the different options by which you could implement an affiliate marketing campaign. 

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