Social Media (Online PR)

  • Online PR is similar to offline PR – it’s about spreading the message about your company
  • However there are differences¬†with online PR that companies need to be aware of
  • Really Useful Websites can advise you on how to use online PR to best effect, and how it can benefit your SEO effort too

At its heart online PR is similar to offline PR, it is about spreading the right messages about your company to the right audience at the right time.

However there are differences between online and offline PR, and if you’re aware of them you can make best use of online PR, with the added benefit of helping your SEO effort too.

In recent years, the main develepment in online PR has been the growth of social media, and the management of one’s presence on social media platforms is now the main thrust of the online PR element of digital marketing.

Really Useful Websites can advise on how to integrate online PR into your broader PR campaign.

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