Mobile Web App Design & Development

If you’ve got a website, chances are you’ve thought about having a mobile version of your site developed, to better serve users accessing it from mobile devices.

This is sensible, although you might also be considering having a native app developed to support your web presence in the mobile space, as native apps sit locally and offer a much better user experience than a website or mobile website can on mobile devices.

Websites do render better than they used to on smart devices, due to the better processing capabilities of devices and faster mobile internet connections, whilst mobile websites can offer an even better user experience, although some mobile websites are still very primitive looking. If you’ve been forward thinking enough you may even have a responsive website, like ours in fact, which negates the need for a mobile site.

In terms of user experience, there is no substitute for a native app, as these sit locally and can utilise device features, however they do cost more to develop than many people have been used to, as you have to consider the different platforms and have the app developed for two to four platforms in order to maximise reach. That said, creating awareness of the app is helped by the fact that native apps are distributed via app stores.

Mobile web apps are another option to consider. Essentially they sit between native apps and websites/mobile sites, using browser based technologies, but with adaptations to enable them to more closely resemble native apps. The advantage is that you only have to have one mobile web app developed, although they don’t work as well as native apps, and aren’t distributed via app stores.

As part of our service, we always discuss all the options with clients, from mobile websites to mobile web apps to native apps, so that clients can make informed decisions as to which types of apps would best meet their objectives.

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