Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) offers an instantaneous and guaranteed way of driving traffic to your website – but you need to set it up correctly to get the best possible return
  • Really Useful Websites can advise on:
    • whether PPC is right for your business
    • which search engines you should consider
    • how to set your PPC activity up
    • how to control and measure your PPC activity
    • how to manage your PPC activity properly on an on-going basis
  • Really Useful Websites can also set up your PPC activity for you, and train you on how to manage it thereafter

Pay Per Click is a digital marketing activity, whereby you bid on keywords and search terms on the search engines, and when someone clicks on your ad you pay for each click through to your website.

Although there have been a lot of scare stories about pay per click, it offers an instantaneous and guaranteed way of driving traffic to your website.

The key, as with all things, is to make the right initial decision as to whether PPC is right for your business, and if the decision is taken to use PPC to drive traffic to your website, you then need to set it up in the right way.

Really Useful Websites can help you to take that initial decision as to whether to use PPC, then help you to implement it.

We can train you how to set up your PPC activity, can set it up for you and train you to manage it thereafter, or can even help you to outsource it to an agency if that’s what you prefer.

Ask a digital marketing agency if you should use pay per click and they’ll more than likely say yes, as they get a commission or fees based on whether you use it and/or based on what you spend.

Our first goal is to ensure that PPC is right for your business, that its return on investment stacks up against other options you have, and that it is implemented in the right way. That’s why some clients have used us to help them, whether they manage it in-house, or via an agency.

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