Email Marketing

  • Email marketing enables you to keep in touch with your customers and drive them back to your website
  • Email marketing can be very effective, but you have to make sure you do it correctly
  • Really Useful Websites can advise on whether email marketing is right for your business and how you could use this internet marketing activity more effectively

Email marketing is an excellent way of keeping in touch with your customers, driving them back to your website and encouraging repeat purchases or other desired actions.

Any business knows that the hardest thing – and the biggest cost – is acquiring new customers. Once you’ve got them you want to retain them, and email marketing can help with this.

But email marketing is much more than keeping an address book of customers and sending out random emails – there is a lot more to consider.

Really Useful Websites can help you decide whether email marketing is right for your business, and advise how to use it effectively, avoiding the problems that many business experience when running email marketing activity without the right advice and knowledge.  

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